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11 ноября в Польше
11 November – National Independence Day in Poland
“November 11, as the anniversary of the restoration by Poland of its independent state
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to good to go в Польше
To Good To Go: Or How To Buy Food In Shops And Restaurants In Poland With Up To 90% Discount
There are a lot of cool initiatives going on in Poland and one of
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пачкомат в польше как пользоваться
InPost Automated Parcel Machines in Poland: how to use them OR how to pick up a parcel in 30 seconds
In Poland it is very convenient to buy different things online and it is
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The discount card for the Biedronka shop (and other shops): how to get one, how it works, what benefits it offers
Is it possible to make shopping at a regular grocery store more profitable? Is
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Penalties in Poland for violation of traffic rules and speeding
Every driver must consider that on the road he is not only responsible for
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Shopping Sundays in Poland in 2022 – What Sundays can people shop on?
Since the introduction of the Sunday shopping ban, the government has consistently reduced the
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BLIK Payment System In Poland: What It Is And How It Works
Every country has its own peculiarities associated with payments and payment systems, and Poland
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Which fixed-line (home) Internet provider should I get in Poland?
 “I need a good home internet connection” is one of the first things you
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